The figure of the patron has evolved considerably; since 1991 in Italy the bank foundations play this role, modern philanthropists who care about our boundless cultural and artistic heritage. An example is the Cariplo Foundation: in its almost 25 years of existence the foundation has supported more than 10 thousand projects related to culture, with funding of more than 750 milion euro for traditional measures to safeguard artistic heritage, as well as many young peoples’ activities, from school theatre workshops to start-ups in the field of culture.

The Cariplo Foundation firmly believes that culture is a powerful tool for personal fulfillment, social cohesion and for creating employment. Proof of this is the Cultural Districts project, that in addition to restoring and developing valuable cultural sites, has triggered the desired knock-on effects. This is the best way to understand the role of a foundation: initiatives that go well beyond the provision of money, but also require planning and involvement, leading to the revival of communities and territories. And in many cases they also boost employment, including that of the young which we consider to be of particular importance.

Giuseppe Guzzetti – President, Cariplo Foundation