Bergamo Lakes Mountain Community

The past is not only what came before, but also the driving force behind everything we do: our society, our countryside, our towns, our houses and our very identities constitute the most recent link in an unbroken chain though time that we have a responsibility to known about and preserve. It is what archaeology seeks to understand, studying previous generations as a background to today’s questions. The project PAD embodies these values and shared aims. It is a dual purpose project: to allow visitors to see the reality of what has been discovered, including by means of modern technological aids, and to protect the remains and finds from the passage of time. It is undoubtedly an important instrument for territorial development; the passion and commitment of all the participants is evident. Achievements such as these strengthen the ties between local people and their history and roots, as well as reinforcing their sense of identity and belonging to a community. Just as we are now privileged to become acquainted with and inspired by these sites, we should not forget our duty to maintain and safeguard this heritage – historical but also contemporary – for those who will come after us.

Ivan Beluzzi - Vice President and Culture Secretary, Bergamo Lakes Mountain Community