Predore Municipality

The project entitled “Percorsi archeologici alla scoperta dell’identità culturale del territorio dei laghi bergamaschi” (Archaeological itineraries for discovering the cultural identity of the Bergamo lakes area) was born of the desire to encourage the identification of local citizens with their Roman period cultural heritage. With this in mind, in Predore in April 2012 a new archaeological site was inaugurated and opened to the public: a baths complex belonging to an extensive aristocratic villa, built in the 1st century AD and used (with various rebuilds) until the 5th century AD. Now, with the completion of work for the improvement and internal safety requirements of the nearby San Giovanni Battista Civic Centre (ex-parish church), Predore Council has made available for public use a building of architectural merit, carefully restored and adapted as a base for exhibitions, conferences, concerts, recreational activities and tourism promotion, as well as initiatives of historical and archaeological nature, developed in collaboration with our project partners and local cultural organizations and institutions.

Paolo Bertazzoli - Mayor of Predore