Lovere Municipality

Learning about the history of the community we administer, bringing to light the many fragments of history, constructions and other manifestations that over the course of the centuries have contributed to the growth of the town (and the civitas), fostering in our fellow-citizens a renewed awareness of the past as a basis for present living and future plans – this is a responsibility which in recent years Lovere Council has willingly accepted, notwithstanding the difficult and delicate current economic situation. It was thus a natural choice to take up again the excavations which over the last two centuries have demonstrated Lovere’s social and economic importance during the Roman period, thanks in particular to discoveries made in the 1st- 4th century AD cemetery, as indeed it was only natural to join together with other nearby places – Predore and Casazza – where the Roman presence is known to have been similarly vivacious. The Cariplo Foundation’s great sensibility towards the cultural heritage of our territory resulted in a financial contribution which, combined with funding from the local authorities, made possible the project “Percorsi archeologici alla scoperta dell’identità culturale del territorio dei laghi bergamaschi” (Archaeological itineraries for discovering the cultural identity of the Bergamo lakes area), to which the Tadini Academy and the Bergamo Lakes Community also contributed. The Lombardy Archaeology Superintendency has guided with great care and skill the various stages of the project to reach the much-desired outcome: a new historical, archaeological and cultural instrument that unites the territory of Bergamo with nearby Valle Camonica.The archaeological cemetery site excavated recently is now within the Oratory of the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta, thanks to whose ready cooperation and interest in our local cultural inheritance it was possible to conduct the excavation that was recently concluded. A heartfelt thank-you to everyone.

Giovanni Guizzetti - Mayor of Lovere