Casazza Municipality

In recent times, local communities have become increasingly sensitive to the recovery of their own identity. The rediscovery and updating of historical and cultural features without indulging in particularism is now an effective strategy if the territory is seen as polycentric, wide-ranging and diversified. Such a perception has motivated Casazza Council and the Val Cavallina Museum to give full support to the valorisation of the Roman village of Cavellas. The Cariplo Foundation has offered us the opportunity to develop this cultural heritage through its joint management and has prompted us – together with the councils of Lovere and Predore, the Tadini Academy and the Lombardy Archaeology Superintendency – to draw up the project PAD Percorsi Archeologici Diffusi (extended archaeological itineraries) to encourage exploration of our local cultural identity. Coming together around a table implies making a commitment, but also being happy to share resources and prospects. We look forward to continuing on this journey of encounter and participation so as to create a contemporary path which, drawing on archaeology and memory, enriches with new meaning our own civilization.

Sergio Zappella - Mayor of Casazza